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Phd in Biology





The PhD programme in Biology at the Department of Biology provides training in fundamental and applied research in all areas of Biology.

The PhD course in Biology originates from the synthesis and merger of several pre-existing doctorates, in order to create an innovative and advanced path for the biologist of the new millennium. At the base of this effort is the multidisciplinary approach, which is completed with an adequate cultural integration between the various disciplines of Biology and more generally of Natural Sciences. 

The impetuous progression of knowledge in the scientific fields, and in particular in Biology, requires advanced knowledge for new researchers and managers, with a broad and complete observation of phenomena. A s consequence,  a qualitative approach based on a synthesis among environmental, structural, biochemical and molecular knowledge is strongly needed. 

Only a multifaceted but analytical approach can in fact give rise to that acquisition of new comprehension and understanding that is the basis for the development of advanced skills. 

Doctoral students are invited to carry out their research projects with both traditional and innovative experimental techniques, using the instruments and facilities available to the Department, and other Structures and Research Institutes involved in the activities of the Doctorate. 


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