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Research Themes


Research themes, PhD in Biology XXXVIII Cycle

Plant Biostimulants from Microalgae: A Strategy to Improve Yieldsin Agriculture FULLY FUNDED
Sensory perception in the octopus Octopus vulgaris FULLY FUNDED
The role of chemosignals in interspecies communication FULLY FUNDED
Implementation of primary production and plant-soil relationshipsin degraded ecosystems by plant growth promoting bacteria(PGPB) FULLY FUNDED
Global warming and environmental pollution: reproductive anddevelopmental toxicity assessment FULLY FUNDED
Role of Ketone Bodies in controlling metabolism: focus onadipose organ FULLY FUNDED
Bioactive food component as modulators of mitochondrial functionin autism spectrum disorders FULLY FUNDED
Zebrafish, model organism to study microplastic and nanoplastictoxicity FULLY FUNDED
Identification, expression and functional characterization of tRNAderivedstress-induced RNAs released form angiogenin in humanskin cell lines FULLY FUNDED
Role of Cystatin B in synaptic plasticity of mammalian brains FULLY FUNDED
Development of a system concerning antimicrobialpeptides/ceramic nanoparticles complex against oral pathogens FULLY FUNDED
Marine benthic habitats mapping and development of habitatsuitability models for submarine cables and pipelines FULLY FUNDED Company: Elettra Tlc Spa
Role of trace elements in controlling the metabolic diversity ofchemolitoautotrophs in the environment FULLY FUNDED Progetto / Project ERC CoEVOLVE
Production of algal flours for food: metabolism and process optimization FULLY FUNDED Agreement Soremartec-CNR-UNINA
On-Line biofilm monitoring in water pipelines FULLY FUNDED Agreement abc acqua bene comune
Transcriptional roles of poly-ADP-ribose polymerase 1 (PARP-1)in skin cancer NO FUNDED
Development of techniques and approaches for the study of microbial diversity in subsurface environments NO FUNDED
Ascidians in a changing Mediterranean Sea: from integrativetaxonomy to bioactive molecules NO FUNDED
Dynamics of phytoplankton communities in Antarctic transitionalenvironments NO FUNDED


Research themes, PhD in Biology XXXVI Cycle

Piergiorgio Cianciullo Plant biomarkers in the monitoring of heavy metal pollution
Flora Salzano New bio-reporters for hydrogen peroxide detection
Teresa Rosa Galise Bioinformatic approaches for the study of genomics of hybridization-mediated adaptive radiation in flowering plants
Amelia Pizzella Role of synaptic protein synthesis in the plasticity of the nervous system
Tania Russo Effects of bioactive molecules from marine invasive species on marine organisms of commercial interest
Daniela Maiello Molecular mechanisms underlying the functional role of the human DKC1 gene in dyskeratosis congenita and cancer diseases
Chiara Balzamo Molecular characterization of stem cells isolated from human gastric organoids
Ludovica D’Auria Molecular mechanisms of hereditary and acquired skin diseases
Giovanni Di Gregorio Barletta Spore-forming bacteria as study models and biotechnological tools
Rita Tarnai A systems and synthetic biology approach to identify and neutralise microRNAs that contribute to T cell exhaustion
Fabiana Tedeschi Engineering T cells with nanobodies for more efficient immunotherapies
Federica Saracino Novel strategies to target the acquisition of mesenchymal traits in cancer cells and prevent tumor dissemination
Sara Magliacane Trotta AluRNA as a potential regulator of human gastrointestinal cancer progression and metastatic dissemination
Rossana Cuciniello Effectiveness of natural molecules in prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Chiara Forenza Identification of factors active on human monocytes/macrophages from Neisseria meningitis and gonorrehoeae-derived OMVs and development of cross-protection by trained immunity
Gianluca Damaggio Identification of genetic causes of pregnancy loss through the study of miscarried embryos
Federica Cieri A network-biology based approach for the development of SMN-independent treatments
Lorenzo Saviano Health and environmental risks from treated wastewater reuse
Stefania Scala  Industrial Production of 3D bioprintable vascular structure for pharmacological test in a dynamic in vitro environment
Marco Giuseppe Balducci Quantifying the influence of mutualists on the distribution of Mediterranean orchids
Heethaka  Krishantha Sameera De Zoysa The  Neuro-ethology of Octopus vulgaris:  RNA editing mechanisms
Barbara Fierro The evolution of dog-human interspecies communication mechanisms
Giorgia Capasso Structure and Enzymatic characterization of Glucose-6P dehydrogenase from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Gennaro Lettieri Molecular biomarkers of environmental pollution related to the reproduction of animal and plant species
Martina Nazzaro Modulation of brain function in response to metabolic changes
Matteo Selci Role of microorganisms in the recycling of volatile elements in subduction zones
Francesca Lucibelli Comparative genomics and transcriptomics to identify key regulators of   orchid flower symmetry and organ identity
Roberta Esposito Ecological role and biotechnological applications of marine organisms and their natural products
Chiara Fogliano Benzodiazepines’s effects in non-target organisms: P.lividus, A.salina, M.galloprovincialis and C.sativus
Giorgia Santini Effects of microplastics on soil quality
Vincenzo Gaita Newly emergent diseases in aquatic organisms: from wildlife to farmed species
Nunzia Esercizio Metabolism and genetic transformation of the hyperthermophilic bacteria  Thermotoga neapolitana
Sara Bruzzaniti Study of regulatory T cell molecular profile in inflammatory and autoimmune diseases
Francesca Glaviano Intelligent networks: new perspectives in the application of Internet of Things for sustainable biotechnological tools
Michela Ferraro Omics approach for marine drug discovery
Erika Fabbrizzi Marine Restoration in a fast changing Mediterranean
AGRILLO BRUNA Design and characterization of new antimicrobial agents for applications in the food industry
ALBARANO LUISA Characterization, treatment and valorization of contaminated sediment: the potential role of bacteria and invertebrates
BARRA TERESA Enhanced drug delivery di peptidi neuroprotettivi nel Sistema Nervoso Centrale.
CIMMINO FABIANO Effects of n-acylethanolamines on glucose and lipid metabolism in a murine model of diet-induced obesity: modulation of hepatic mitochondrial function
CULURCIELLO ROSANNA Immunomodulatory properties of RNase5, in neuronal and epithelial cell systems
DI COSTANZO FEDERICA “Omics” approaches for the identification of biosynthetic pathways of compounds with antimicrobial activity from marine microalgae
DI IORIO EMANUELA Extreme environments and vascular plants: the population?of Genista tinctoria L. from Mefite of the Ansanto Valley
FASCIOLO GIANLUCA Relationship between Insulin-resistance and Hyperthyroidism: Role of Reactive Oxygen Species
MONTICELLI MARIA Diagnosis and therapies for genetic diseases: in vitro and in silico approaches
PETRARETTI MARIAGIOIA Ecophysiological and structural strategies of microbial biofilms and their evolutionary implications
SICILIANO ANTONIETTA Nanotechnology for sustainable and safe wastewater treatments

Research themes, PhD in Biology XXXVII Cycle

Exploiting bioengineering approaches for sensing protein disease biomarkers (borsa finanziata da IIT)
Investigation of post-transcriptional regulators for long-term efficacy of T cell-based therapies (borsa finanziata da IIT)
Role of biodegradable polymers to reduce micro and nanoplastic contamination: laboratory and in situ degradation and ecotoxicological analyses ((borsa finanziata da SZ-IBPP)
Microbial diversity and trace element availability in different tectonic settings (borsa finanziata Dip. Biologia -ERC)
Modulating cell clearance for preserving vision in dry AMD
Thermophilic microorganisms as platform for production of biotechnologically relevant molecules
In vitro study of microplastics and endocrine disruptor chemicals on 3D cultures of human prostate
Response of Innate Immune Receptors to Natural Small Molecules
Promising nano-encapsulated biocides for pathogenic biofilm removal
Metabolic effects of fructose and their persistence after switching to a low sugar diet
Unravelling the role of ARF at the crossroad between malignant growth and differentiation in Pancreatic Progenitor cells
Evolutionary Developmental Genetics of Sex in C. capitataB. dorsalis and D. melanogaster
Improving the in vitro culture of human and animal ovarian cortical tissue
Identification and characterization of cryptic host defense peptides (HDPs) from human proteins
Restoration of rocky substrates affected by the illegal fishery Lithophaga lithophaga
Regime shifts in coralligenous formations
Role for ADP-ribosylation in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma

PhD in Biology XXXIII cycle

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