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Because the Master in Marine Biology and Aquaculture will train you as Sea Professionals:
Marine Conservation/Restoration Scientist and Specialist able to manage various natural resources and to favour policymakers decision through the use of ecosystem services. These scientists and specialists look at how coastal and marine resources are being used? to ensure that activities comply with current regulations in place to protect and restore the environment. They try to look for ways to improve the quality of an environment and ensure its sustainability for the future.
Environmental Scientist and Specialist able to monitoring aquatic environments to protect them by testing for contaminants an? pollution, which in turn can negatively affect human health. You will be able to help in developing solutions to the clean-up and prevent future problems in the framework of One Ocean, One Health.
Marine Biodiversity Specialist able to monitoring marine environments understanding the interaction between living organisms and the environment, to evaluate the biological resources with strong expertise on Marine Protected Area management and governance.
Aquaculture expert able to manage and oversee aquaculture and mariculture facilities with expertise in the fishery and aquaculture products quality control.
Marine Resources Manager able to oversee teams of other scientists to coordinate their research efforts as they work to test or develop various products. Marine Resources Managers keep these projects running on-time and within budget.

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