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Marine Biology and Aquaculture



Presentation of the Course

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To become a student of the master program there are two steps:

  • Admission
  • Enrollment

The ADMISSION procedure is common to all the students of any nationality, and it is mandatory in order to verify the requirements and to confirm your knowledge of English. The ENROLLMENT procedure is different depending on if you are an Italian, EU or Extra-EU prospective student. Please see below the appropriate section. The Universitaly deadline for Extra-European Students application is July 10th, 2024. Students can choose the curriculum upon enrollment. The enrollment procedure must first be carried out on SEGREPASS and then the model R must be sent. Apply immediately following our procedure described below!

The Master’s Degree Course in Marine Biology and Aquaculture (Degree Class: LM-6), based in the Department of Biology, aims to train experts who can carry out professional activities recognized by current regulations with characteristics of the professional figure of the Biologist in all the specific application fields that fall within those envisaged for the LM-6 Master’s degree. Furthermore, the master’s degree graduates in Marine Biology and Aquaculture will be characterized by a high scientific and operational preparation in the field of biodiversity marine environment and management, protection and conservation strategies for marine environments. At the same time, the graduates will acquire a high level of preparation in the management of the areas destined for aquaculture activities, care and strengthening of the activities productive in aquatic, natural and artificial environments.

What is required for the admission?

Students wishing to enroll in Marine Biology and Aquaculture Master’s Degree Course must be in possession of a three-year degree or university degree or other qualification obtained abroad, recognized as suitable under current legislation. Students must also be in possession of the minimum curricular requirements and adequate personal preparation.To access to the master’s degree course in Marine Biology and Aquaculture, the following curricular requirements are required:– the student must demonstrate that he has acquired the knowledge of the three-year degree of class L-13 (or of class 12 ex DM 509) or, if coming from other degree classes, that he has knowledge in the field of Biology /, Chemistry /, Physic /, Mathematic /.

Possession of curricular requirements is determined by having acquired:

  • At least 18 ECTS in the sectors Botany, Zoology, Comparative Anatomy and Cytology , Ecology
  • At least 6 ECTS in the sectors Vegetal physiology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Genetic, Microbiology
  • At least 6 credits in the Chemistry sectors
  • At least 12 ECTS in the sectors Mathematic , Physic

The methods for verifying personal preparation for access to the Master’s Degree Course in Marine Biology and Aquaculture are defined year by year by the CCD and published on the website of the Department of Biology.

Foreign students to enroll to the MD in Marine Biology and Aquaculture have to contact the Coordinator, Prof. Francesca Carella,  sending a mail to: francesca.carella@unina.it

In order to apply to the Admission procedure you will need the following documents:

  • your Bachelor Diploma
  • Transcript of Records (ToR) with a detailed description of the courses attended and the exams passed to obtain the final degree (only for foreign students)
  • a copy of your passport (only for foreign students)
  • an updated CV
  • the certificate of English language (when available/necessary)
  • other relevant documents

At the end of this procedure you will obtain a Pre-Acceptance Letter from the program coordinator to be used for the Enrollment procedure and to request the VISA (when necessary).

Following the Admission Italian Students and Foreign Students will have to follow different enrollment procedure. Briefly, Italian and EU Students will need to enroll using SegrePass while Extra-EU Students will need to enroll through https://www.universitaly.it/.

English Requirements

Graduates who have obtained the degree with a grade of not less than 90/110 are exempted from the test to verify the adequacy of personal preparation. The course is held in English, therefore the student must have an adequate knowledge of the English language (level B2). NOTICE!!! Students in possession of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE CERTIFICATION LEVEL B2 must deliver it or send it by email, in pdf, format to the administrative contact of the Student Secretariat of Sciences MFN, sent a mail to segrmmff@unina.it Students who are NOT in possession of a B2 Level English Language Certification will be subjected to verification, by means of an interview or test, the methods of which will be indicated from time to time by the CCD. admission Procedure  – common to ALL the students (Italian, EU and Extra-EU)

Coordinator of the Didactic Coordination Commission

Prof.ssa Francesca Carella

Campus Monte S. AngeloUniversity of Study of Naples Federico II
Edificio 7, via Cinthia – 80126 NAPLES
Office: 0D -15a

Receiving on Monday from  13:00 to 15:00 p.m.
email: francesca.carella@unina.it

 Microsoft TEAMS code: mo1xblr

Student Representatives
Elected by D.R. 2644 (2023/2025)

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