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Laurea Magistrale in Biologia ed Ecologia dell’ambiente marino e uso sostenibile delle sue risorse  


Academic Year 2021/22 – 1st Semester

Students are invited keep updated with this website, the schedule of the lessons may be subject to variations.

NOTICE!!!!Courses start on 28th september,
download the lessons schedule

  • NOTICE!!! Both students who have booked on GOIN STUDENT and those who have not booked, can regularly go to the classroom for lessons.
  • From next week it is no longer necessary to book on GOIN STUDENT. 
  • Students unable to reach universities will attend lessons on TEAM
  • TEAM codes are also available on the professors website 



  • Physiology of Marine Organisms – prof. C. Agnisola – TEAM CODE s8aiw2a
  • Biochemical Adaptations to marine environment and Methodologies for Bioremediation – prof. M.V. Cubellis – TEAM CODE
  • Marine Conservation Genetics – prof. G. Saccone – TEAM CODE
  • Marine Genomics – prof. C.  Missero – TEAM CODE j10g2nt


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