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Biology of Extreme Environments (BIOEXTREME) is a master degree aiming to train biologists with a solid background in the genetic, biochemical and biological processes of extreme environments, including Space. It is strongly interdisciplinary, and offers the opportunity to integrate theoretical aspects with fieldwork and laboratory activities, supported by the acquisition of advanced techniques of data analysis that are essential for the study and understanding of the functioning of these systems. The new perspectives gained through the investigation of extreme environments allows the refinement of theories and development of new ideas, as well as considerable opportunities in terms of biotechnological applications. The course provides important elements for the management of extreme environments and it is a useful basis for addressing future problems related to Astrobiology.

The Master Degree program in the Biology of Extreme Environment has a total duration of 2 years and requires the acquisition of 120 university educational credits (CFU). The course provides two distinct curricula:

  • BIOLOGICAL RESOURCES focused on the sustainable use of the resources present in extreme environments
  • ASTROBIOLOGY focused on the biological aspects of the search for life in the universe and space exploration


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