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Master’s thesis


Master’s thesis

The final exam consists in an oral discussion of a brief presentation prepared by the candidate, who must also prepare a Thesis in the form of short written report. The topic of the Thesis is proposed by the student’s advisor. The actual duration of the Thesis activity is approximately 900 hours.


Student guide for the Thesis assignment and activities

To obtain the assignment of a Thesis, the students need to submit to the Committee the request module (link provided below) completed in all its parts and signed by the tutor.

  • Request modules must be sent to the Committee from Monday to Friday within the 24th day of each month, except August.
  • The effective start date of the assigned Thesis is from day 1 of the month following the one in which the assignment take place.
  • Students can apply for the assignment of a Thesis starting from the beginning of the second semester of the first year and only after the acquisition of at least 24 ECTS.

The Thesis can also be carried out in external structures (e.g. Research Institutes) with an external advisor with the role of “co-supervisor”. For external Theses it is also necessary to have a supervisor among the teachers of Biology of Extreme Environments Master’s degree.

Please remember to: download the thesis request form from this page, fill it in, sign it and sent it to your tutor for the signature.

Once completed, please send the form to: angelina.cordone@unina.it

For any inquiry, contact Prof. Angelina Cordone, angelina.cordone@unina.it


Thesis request module


Graduation cum laude

The Thesis supervisor can request the assignment of a co-examiner for those candidates with a brilliant career and a noteworthy thesis work. A positive evaluation of the work by the co-examiner is needed to graduate cum laude award.

The request for a co-examiner can be made only for those students who at the end of their studies meet one of the following two conditions:

  • have completed university exams with a final weighted average vote greater or equal to 103.51/110, or
  • have completed university exams within the prescribed period with a final weighted average vote greater or equal to 103/110.

The Head of the Examination Committee for the laude awarding is Prof. Olga Mangoni.

The awarding of the Master’s Degree in Biology of Extreme Enviroments takes place during a public session in the presence of a graduation committee.

Students will find all the informations about the deadlines and conditions to present the degree application in the Student Administration Office.

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