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Laurea Magistrale in Biologia degli Ambienti Estremi

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Biology of Extreme Environments (BIOEXTREME) is a master degree aiming to train biologists with a solid background in the genetic, biochemical and biological processes of extreme environments, including Space. It is strongly interdisciplinary, and offers the opportunity to integrate theoretical aspects with fieldwork and laboratory activities, supported by the acquisition of advanced techniques of data analysis that are essential for the study and understanding of the functioning of these systems. The new perspectives gained through the investigation of extreme environments allows the refinement of theories and development of new ideas, as well as considerable opportunities in terms of biotechnological applications. The course provides important elements for the management of extreme environments and it is a useful basis for addressing future problems related to Astrobiology.

The Master Degree program in the Biology of Extreme Environment has a total duration of 2 years and requires the acquisition of 120 university educational credits (CFU). The course provides two distinct curricula: 

BIOLOGICAL RESOURCES, focused on the sustainable use of the resources present in extreme environments 

ASTROBIOLOGY, focused on the biological aspects of the search for life in the universe and space exploration 

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Skills required for admission

For the admission to the Master Degree in BIOEXTREME, students are required to have knowledge in basic fields, such as biology and microbiology; ecology; general, organic and inorganic chemistry, biochemistry.

In order to enroll in the master program, you will need:

  • A Bachelor (min 3 years) in Biology, Biotechnology or Natural Sciences or equivalent degree       
  • Alternatively a minimum of 30 CFU in biological related subjects
  • Alternative careers will be evaluated on a case by case basis from the admission commission

The graduate program can enroll students holding a certificate of proficiency in English internationally recognized. The minimum score is recognized equal to B2. If the English language is not officially recognized, a placement test supported by teachers of the course.


In order to become a student of the new master program you will need to be Admitted to the program and then Enroll. These are two different procedures that need to be done in sequence. The ADMISSION procedure is common to all the students of any nationality, and it is mandatory in order to verify the requirements and to confirm your knowledge of English. The ENROLLMENT procedure is different depending on if you are an Italian, EU or Extra-EU prospective student. Please see below the appropriate section.

Admission and Enrollment


Admission Procedure  – common to ALL the students (Italian, EU and Extra-EU)

In order to apply to the Admission Procedure you will need the following documents: 

 – your Bachelor Diploma
 – Transcript of Records (ToR) with a detailed description of the courses attended and the exams passed to obtain the final degree (only for foreign students)
 – a copy of your passport (only for foreign students)
 – a Declaration of Value/Diploma Supplement (only for foreign students, see below)
 – an updated CV
 – the certificate of English language(when available/necessary)
 – other relevant documents

Once you have gathered all the documents fill in the online form available at:


Download, fill in, sign and upload again the FORM 1 – Recognition of Foreign University Title available at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12hlNFzHTCPyfK_8H_jRYN3dZIiUeTFdj   

And upload all the documents as a SINGLE PDF file in the Admission form.

The Program Admission Committee will contact you to arrange the English Language interview (if necessary) and require any additional document needed. English Language Interviews are organized every 15 days and carried out remotely either through Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. The link will be provided to you by email.
The planned dates are:
July 15, July 29, August 12, August 26, September 9, September 23.
Other dates will be made available later in  fall. In case you have an English language certificate or other documents supporting your knowledge of English (to a B2 level) you will not be required to be interviewed.

At the end of this procedure you will obtain a Pre-Acceptance Letter from the program coordinator to be used for the Enrollment procedure and to request the VISA (when necessary).

Following the Admission Italian Students and Foreign Students will have to follow different enrollment procedure. Briefly, Italian Students will need to enroll using SegrePass while Foreign Students will need to enroll through https://www.universitaly.it/.
Please refer to our Frequently Asked Question for the appropriate procedure.
If you have any question please contact the program by writing to bioextreme@unina.it


Program Coordinator

Prof. Donato Giovannelli

Complesso Universitario di Monte S. Angelo
Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
via Cinthia – 80126 Naples, Italy
Department of Biology – Building 7, Room number: 1D-22

E-mail: donato.giovannelli@unina.it

Admission information:

E-mail: bioextreme@unina.it

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