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Management of marine Resources – students’ reports

Management of marine Resources – students’ reports

Di In News en Laurea Mare, Non categorizzato Il 28 Luglio 2020

The students of “Laurea Mare” followed with great interest various theoretical and practical activities within all courses and performed very well, both in terms of learned tools, and as a result of final examinations.

In this example, they performed advanced statistical analyses in the frame of the course on “Management of marine Resources” and they demonstrated very good skills, learned in a relatively short time of lectures.

In fact, starting from basic concepts of univariate analyses and moving to more complex analyses based on multivariate statistics, they reached a good level of comprehension of modelistic approaches and became sufficiently expert in the use of modelistic software as Ecopath and Stella.

Using the latter software (by ISEE Systems) they attempted various simulation of ecosystem functioning during the intercourse tests and simulated the effects of various impacts for the management of given ecosystems.

Here, their results on the functioning of three different ecosystems (Gulf of Naples, Great Barrier, Mangrove) are reported, in student’s formal reports, using systems of differential equations.

All the data herein reported were obtained from literature or they were just argued, because the goal of the exercise was to demonstrate a good knowledge of the statistical tools and the comprehension of main concepts offered within the course Management of Marine Resources, not to reach operative conclusions.

However, the results are quite satisfying, because the students of this course started with the introduction of basic concepts of ecosystem functioning and management, and concluded the course with a good familiarity with complex statistical approaches: this will facilitate their access to doctoral or professional careers, in the close future.


Gulf of Naples


Great Barrier Reef


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