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Laurea Magistrale in Biologia ed Ecologia dell’ambiente marino e uso sostenibile delle sue risorse  

Master’s Degree Course in
Biology and Ecology of the Marine Environment and Sustainable Use
of Marine Resources

Università degli Studi “Federico II”

in collaboration with
Stazione Zoologica “Anton Dohrn”
Naples, Italy


The new Master’s Degree in Biology and Ecology of the Marine Environment and Sustainable Use of Marine Resources has been developed by Università “Federico II” and the “Anton Dohrn” Zoological Station.


Its mission is to train highly specialized marine biologists capable of planning and executing marine ecosystem management and conservation strategies.

The new Master’s Degree harnesses the teaching and professional competencies of the most distinguished Italian and international marine biologists. Moreover it offers students privileged access to an exclusive network of international bodies that include ASSEMBLE, the Association of European Marine Biological Laboratories, and EMBRC, the European Marine Biological Resource Centre.

THE COURSE CURRICULUM, ALL IN ENGLISH, is a stimulating mix of formal lectures, lab work and field trips.

1st and 2nd year subjects include:

  • Monitoring and conservation of animal, plant and microbial biodiversity.
  • Survival strategies of marine organisms and mechanisms underpinning trophic network structure and dynamics.
  • Analysis of marine organism eco-physiological responses.
  • Evaluation of physicochemical, climatic and geological dynamics of the marine environment.
  • Biomonitoring methods including field work (e.g. scuba diving and activities aboard the Zoological Station mother ship).
  • Biomolecular applications of marine organisms (algae, animals, micro-organisms and viruses) in pharmacology and biomedicine.
  • Informatics and bioinformatics tools for data management and modelling to assess ecosystem biodiversity and dynamics.

Competencies and Skills Acquired by Graduate Students

The curriculum of the Master’s Degree has been conceived to provide a broad range of professional skills and competencies. Our graduates will be at home both in basic science labs and in jobs involving scientific and technological research and innovation for the management and sustainable exploitation of marine resources.

Job Prospects include work with

  • Public and private research bodies;
  •  Public and private bodies involved in marine resource protection and management (regional, provincial and municipal bodies, ARPA);
  • Public bodies involved in the management and protection of coastal areas and in recovery of polluted sites;
  • Environmental services and consulting companies;
  •  Biomedical and pharmacological industries;
  •  Popularization.

Entry requirements

The Master’s Degree course is open to students with a first-cycle degree in: Biology, Biological Sciences, Natural Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Geological Sciences, Biotechnologies and any degrees awarded by foreign Universities that are recognized as being equal to a first-cycle degree.

For additional information please write to:

Prof.  Anna Di Cosmo dicosmo@unina.it

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