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Enrolment in the Master Degree

Enrolment in the Master Degree

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Biology and Ecology of the Marine Environment and Sustainable Use of its Resources



  • What are the requirements for access to a Master’s Degree Program?

To be admitted to a Master’s degree course, you must have a Four-Year Degree (so-called Old Order) or a Bachelor’s Degree.

  • Is it necessary to have specific requirements to be admitted?

Yes, the regulation of each Master’s Degree Program requires the possession of specific curricular requirements.

  • How do I know if I have the requirements to access the course I want to enrol?

The access requirements of all Degree Courses can be found on the Department’s website http://www.dipartimentodibiologia.unina.it/

  • Can I apply for exams if I already have a Master’s Degree or a Bachelor’s Degree?

Yes, but in the process of enrolment it is necessary to indicate that one is already in possession of one of the aforementioned qualifications.

  • How do I know if the exams from my previous career are recognised?

The Degree Course Council, on the basis of the Curriculum that will be attached to the registration certificate, decides the access and eventual acknowledgments.

  • How will the outcome of the evaluation of my Curriculum be communicated to me?

The student secretariat will communicate to the student the outcome of the evaluation through the PEC (Certified Electronic Mail) and only in exceptional cases will contact it using other channels (mail ordinary or regular mail).

  • Can I register if I do not have access requirements?

No. Before you matriculate you must acquire the required access requirements.

  • What happens if I enrol myself without having the requisites?

Once the lack of access requirements has been verified, the Student Secretariat will cancel the enrolment.

  • How can I acquire the access requirements?

It is possible to acquire the access requirements by registering for individual courses.

  • How do I register for individual courses?

The provisions concerning the registration to the individual courses can be found at the following link of the University website, at the following page: http://www.unina.it/modulistica/studi-umanistici


  • How do I enrol in a Master’s Degree Program?

Students who intend to enrol in a Master’s Degree Program must do so exclusively on-line (at least until March 31st) to connect to the site www.segrepass.unina.it.

  • When can I register?

Enrolments to Master’s Degree Programs can be done on-line from 1 September to 31 March.

  • If I graduate in the months of January / February can I still register?

Yes, students who graduate in the months of January and February can enrol by March 31, without paying late payment fees.

  • What is the procedure I need to follow to register on-line ?

If this is the first time you access the site www.segrepass.unina.it, you must first register; subsequently it is necessary to insert and save the required data in the individual sections of the procedure.

  • If I cannot access the internet from home, how can I register?

It is possible to take advantage of the University’s multimedia rooms;

  • For Italian students – How do I determine how much to pay?

Italian student, after inserting and saving in the procedure the ISEEU data (Indicatore della Situazione Economica Equivalente Universitaria) the system determines the income bracket and generates the bulletins of the membership band;

  • How do I produce ISEE?

Presenting the Single Substitute Declaration (DSU) of the family unit at any Fiscal Assistance Center (CAF) or one of the INPS offices.

  • What happens if I do not introduce ISEE?

Students who do not include ISEE data are placed directly in the last contribution band.

  • For Foreign students – How do I determine how much to pay?


Foreign students who receive an annual grant from the Italian Government in the context of development cooperation programs and cultural and scientific intergovernmental agreements and the related executive programs are totally exempt from the payment of the enrolment fee;

Foreign students with citizenship in non-EU countries are totally exempted from paying the enrolment fee; non-Italian students with citizenship in EU countries are required to pay a fixed contribution of € 200.00 for enrolment;

  • How can I pay tuition fees?

In the same enrolment procedure, it is possible to print the Mav of the 1st fee rate and of the Regional Contribution. With the Mav printed you can go to any bank counter and make the payment.

  • Can I pay the tuition fees online?

If Italian, Yes, you can pay taxes online.

The online procedure CAN NOT BE USED by foreign citizens. Students with foreign citizenship must register by going to the offices of the Student Secretariat. For these students are predetermined amounts independent of the income situation, distinguished only on the basis of citizenship (EU students and non-EU students)

  • How do I get enrolled?

After making the payments, it is necessary to reconnect with the enrolment procedure;

  • How long does it take to get the ID number (matricola)?

If the payment is made at a bank counter, the serial number is assigned within 6/7 days from the payment; in case of online payment, the assignment of the serial number is immediate.

  • What should I do to complete the enrolment?

The following documentation must be handed in at the offices of the Student Secretariat:

  • Printed envelope (summary of data entered in the enrolment procedure);
  • Two passport-sized photos, signed by the interested party;
  • Photocopy of a valid identity document (Identity Card, Passport, etc.);
  • Self-certification of one’s Degree in accordance with Presidential Decree 445/2000, containing the following indications:
    1. University with which the degree was obtained;
    2. wording of the Concluded degree;
    3. date and grade obtained for the owned degree;
    4. list of exams taken, with indication for each examination of date, grade, number of ECTS and SSD (Scientific Disciplinary Sector).
  • What is the deadline to provide all the documentation?

Within 10 days from the ID number (marticola) reception.

  • Can I enrol myself after the deadline?

Yes. It is possible to enrol after the deadline, paying a default fee. After March 31st, it is no longer possible to register online and therefore you will need to contact the secretariat desk.

  • What are the forms to download in case of hard copy?

The modules to download are the following:

  1. Application for enrolment in the degree course;
  2. payment form first instalment fee;
  3. ISEE data communication module;
  4. ISEE data communication module – further component enrolled in another University (only if another member enrolled in State universities is present in the family unit).

NB To the application for registration must be attached a form for applications for authorization out of term, which can be collected at the Student Office, on which it will be necessary to apply a stamp duty in force.

It is also necessary to deliver a photocopy of a valid identification document and a passport photo in the secretariat.



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