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Thesis Assignment and Moderation


Student guide for the thesis assignment and activities

To obtain the assignment of a thesis, the students have to present to the Commettee, a request module. The module has to be completed with the tutor professor signature.

Request modules must be delivered to the Commettee from monday to friday, from 10:00 to 16:00 within the 25th day of mounth.
Attention!!! Scan pages of the module completed and signed must be sent to email address: digiamo@unina.it,
while the original form must be delivered to room 1F12 of the Department of Biology, 2nd floor, Build 7, MSA.

In any case contact Prof. Rossella Di Giaimo, digiaimo@unina.it

Thesis request module


A thesis supervisor who has found particular merit for the thesis work carried out by the student, may request the assignment of a moderator, this request is conditional on the graduating student obtaining a Degree cum laude. Students who at the end of their study have a weighted average of one hundred four out of 110, 104/110 can obtain cum laude in the Degree exam. Students that complete their study program in the correct time will receive the bonus points necessary to be awarded cum laude

In particular it is specified that for the request of the co-examiner it is necessary that:

– for out-of-course students, the weighted average in tenths is greater than or equal to 103.51/110
– for students enrolled in the second year, the weighted average in tenths is either greater than or equal to 103/110

The Head of the Moderator Commettee is Prof. Francesca Carella

Thesis Assignment P59 December 2022

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